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Target Quest

“Excuse me, do you need some help?” I looked up from the shelf of hats in Target.

“You wouldn’t happen to have any more hats in the back?” I ask innocent enough when it dawns on me… normal people probably don’t spread piles of hats (in groups of threes) across the floor of the store. “I’m a writer,” I add as if this somehow clarifies the situation.

If I had stopped to give the situation a few second of thought I may have surmised it possible Erika was about to call security and have me booted from the store. Instead, relieved, I explained my situation. I’m doing a photoshoot for a Facebook ad and I need 3 identical wide brimmed hats with matching wraps and they need to make my cover pop. I whipped out a copy Summer Secrets, it added authenticity to my quest.

Then, a beautiful thing happened, a partnership was formed. Like Lucas and Spielberg, or maybe Lennon and McCartney, we set off on a creative quest to find just the right hat with the perfect wrap to make my cover shine photographically speaking.

Erika knew the products in her store and simply passed over the swim/bathing suit section. She headed straight for the scarves knowing they were large enough and the colors suited the wide brimmed straw hats. Within minutes we had narrowed down the choices to two lying out on the floor. Not satisfied with a job half completed, she tried them on, holding up the book for me to do a test photo. From there, the choice became obvious.

Feeling a bit more like Lucy and Ethel by this point, I thanked her profusely. I know in my heart, she vastly improved the end result of my quest. Her toss away, like Santa in Twas the Night Before Christmas… “Have your models wear a black top or bathing suit.” Of Course, Erika, Of Course.

I do hope Target appreciates the job Erika Butchko does for them because she simply did an outstanding job of customer service. Hmmmm, maybe Daffy found Bugs in Target and she’s munching on a carrot right now thinking “That’s all folks.”

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