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Grocery Stores are lucky places...

The best things seem to happen when I'm standing in a grocery store parking lot. One of my best friends once called to tell me she had been invited to the White House for The State Of The Union Speech. Another friend was finally pregnant after years of trying. I even got out of a speeding ticket by simply telling the officer what was on my mind that morning... why I was going so damn fast through a school zone. Yup, we were in the grocery store parking lot.

So, it's no surprise to me I was in the aforementioned parking lot when The State Of The Union Friend sent me a text to tell me she had just pre-ordered Summer Secrets. My book was now, in fact, available for sale on Amazon and I was an "official" Author.

OMG I'm actually an Author!

Don't get me wrong, I'd obviously been expecting this and working really hard towards the goal. But the moment it happens is surreal. You find yourself floating through the veggie section making sure you have all the ingredients for the taco dinner you promised the kids and realizing there are tears streaming down your face.

I have a lot of work a head of me but for right now, I'm going to be in this moment. It's important to be present and realize years of hard work just paid off... in a grocery store parking lot.

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