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I Am Writing Dog...

"I do not think I am 'broken', Mama"

"It was just a joke, Marco. You are a Portuguese Water Dog who hates water. Don't take it so personally."

"Yes, I am a PWD, but the 'W' stands for many things."

"Oh brother, Are you about to get philosophical on me again? You know how you get."

"Willing. I'm Willing to go anywhere, particularly Walks. For that matter I Want to go everywhere With you."

"That's a lot of 'Ws' you've got going on."

"I always Wonder What you're doing."

"An excellent point. Have you noticed it's hard for me to DO what I'm doing when all 57 lbs of you decides to sit on my chest?"

"I'm helping you Write... because I'm your Portuguese Writing Dog. That's why I don't go near Water, it's so cliche. What are We Working on?"

"Our Blog... would you like to add to it?"


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