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Writing Dog, Coffee & Me...

Jennifer has an unusual obsession with coffee, a natural prerequisite for becoming a writer. Being the kind of person who jumps into the deep end without thinking, Jen began her fiction writing career by entering NaNoWriMo, a yearly writing marathon during which a few hundred thousand writers from around the world jack themselves up on caffeine and write 50,000 words in 30 days, Thanksgiving be damned. It seemed like a natural fit. Those pesky little details—like a husband and kids—would work themselves out somehow. (That first NaNoWriMo win became Summer Secrets.)


Throwing herself into things is what Jennifer is known for. When she was fired from her marketing job for being irreverent, she took a month off to do an offshore sailboat race down the California coast. Stepping back on land with nothing to lose, she started a marketing company. Her first client? The company that fired her. This led to a successful career with some really funny stories over the years.


But that was a lifetime ago, today you can find Jen, her laptop and 'Writing Dog' (a Portuguese Water Dog named Marco Polo who happens to hate water) at various coffee shops in South Orange County, CA.

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